tktbrainpower engineering award 2012
electronics, software & mechanichs contest


Aimed to:  
College students of final year and young professionals engineers eager to show their ideas and their talents.
Teams of up to two members with a limit age of 35 years.
Concerning the areas to evaluate are: the idea, hard work, usefulness, optimization and knowledge, technical details, and prototyping and implementation.

1st prize: € 1,500
2nd prize: € 750

Tktbrainpower reserves the right to distribute the prize among the participants or leave it desert if the projects levels do not meet the minimum required.

The jury will be appointed by Tktbrainpower and will comprise members with expertise in different fields of engineering.

Areas of interest   
There are no limitations of matters within the field of electronics, software, mechanical or combinations of these.

Electronics (sensors, microcontrollers, power, communications...)
· Robotics
· Arduino
· Energy
>> see example

Software (Apps, Web, algorithms...)
· Image processing
· Security
· Computer vision
>> see example

Mechanical (manufacturing, design, fluid mechanics...)
· Process improvement
· Ergonomics
· Economization pieces
>> see example

Participants should include their name and some contact details: email, phone.
Personal data shall not be transferred to third parties for any purpose other than strictly the contest.
In registering the participant authorizes TKT to store your personal data.

Intellectual Property   
Project Participants are responsible for the violation of intellectual property in their proposals.
Participants authorize TKT to display and show their projects and for advertising the contest.
The participants own the idea. If that TKT considers something interesting to implement in a project it would be negotiated with the participant and always according to their acceptance.
In case of prototypes delivery they will be returned to participants once evaluated.

Phases, dates and deadlines   
Stage 1
Presentation of initial proposal acceptance: 30 July 2012
There is a phase of acceptance to be overcome in order to apply for the award.
In this phase a memory should be sent to in a maximum 2 sheets stating the details of the participant, a project idea and
aspects to be played. In the email subject set "2012 Registration".
Stage 2
Reporting and / or plans and / or prototype: 15 October 2012
Once informed of the screening steps.
Successful proposals will present their projects before expiration date. If there are prototypes can be agreed with TKT what is the best way to make them reach for their evaluation.
Stage 3
Awards Ceremony: November 2012
The ceremony will take place in November 2012. The exact date and venue is not yet confirmed.

The projects presented will not be accepted outside terms   

The results will be communicated to participants, published on the website and through press releases sent to specialized blogs.